Contractors Plant & Machinery

Contractors Plant & Machinery


Plant, Equipment and Machinery are exposed to a number of risks inherent in their operations in addition to the exposure to natural calamities.

This PMD covers loss resulting from the accidental breakdown of almost any type of equipment that operates under pressure or that controls, transmits, transforms, or uses mechanical or electrical power.

  • The PMD covers sudden, accidental, external damage to the covered equipment due to any cause other than those specifically excluded in the PMD.

  • It covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to the covered items, necessitating their repair or replacement. The cover, which excludes internal breakdown, applies at work, at rest or during maintenance operations This PMD also provides cover for inland transport with additional contribution.

    • CPM values to be covered
    • Surrounding Areas/Hazards
    • Details whether the equipment is hired or on lease.