Boiler & Pressure Vessel

Boiler & Pressure Vessel


Boiler takaful (Boiler cover) is a type of takaful that covers repairs and in some cases the replacement of a home boiler. It can also cover other parts of the central heating system and even plumbing and electrics.

  • Damage (other than by fire) to any boiler or pressure vessel described in the Schedule and to other property of the Participant.

    Liability of the Participant at law on account of fatal or non-fatal injuries to any persons other than the Participant’s own employees or workmen or members of the Participant’s family, caused by and solely due to explosion or collapse as hereinafter defined of any boiler or pressure vessel.

  • Covers Boiler, other parts of central heating system, Third Party coverage available

    • Boiler Specifications- Maker’s Name and Number
    • Years of Make
    • Type of Boiler
    • Steam Output (Lbs/hr) Pressure (Psi) Heaters Surface (Sq.Pt) kind of fuel etc
    • Maximum load on safety valve
    • Periodical inspection
    • Qualification of Boiler attendant
    • Value of Surrounding Property