Group Health

Group Health


This Takaful covers accidental bodily injury, death or disablement of the covered persons and is ideal for Companies to cover their employees.

Group Medical Takaful caters to the medical expenses incurred by the employees of an organization and their dependents due to sickness, accident or critical illness on direct billing basis or on reimbursement basis.

  • In–patient medical expense:

    Hospital room and services during hospital confinement (subject to limits specified).

    General nursing care during hospital confinement.

    Intensive Care Unit expenses, if found necessary by attending specialist.

    Fees of the consultant, physician, surgeon and anesthetist.

    Ambulance charges

    Out-patient Expenses:


    Physiotherapy Diagnostics (X-Ray/MRI/CT Scan/Ultrasound etc.).

    Laboratory expenses.

    Drugs duly prescribed by a licensed physician.

  • Ideal for companies for Covering their employees Covers In-Patient & Out Patient Medical Expenses.

    No Pre – Authorization (OR) Prior Approval required for medical treatment at network hospitals.

    All employees and covered dependents enjoy full cover from day one.

    Waiver of health questionnaire forms for larger groups*.

    Coverage for pre existing conditions*.

    Jubilee General PMD also covers hospitalization abroad. The hospitalization expenses are reimbursed to the Participant in Pakistan on behalf of PTF and in Pak rupees subject to the limits in the structure of benefits and subject to what the same treatment would cost locally in Pakistan .

    Jubilee General has a list of approved network hospital which provides care to all covered persons with out any deposit or advance payment on behalf of PTF. We reimburse hospital bills directly on behalf of PTF.

    Jubilee General’s doctors and staff monitor the care and treatment of the covered patients while in hospital. They are also available for advice regarding selection of appropriate doctors and hospital for treatment of specific conditions.

    Jubilee General’s specialized staff work closely with the employer’s representative to control and prevent misuse of benefits provided by the employer.

    • Companies Profile.
    • Select types and amounts of benefits.
    • Census details of the employees/ dependents to be covered.