Student Travel Takaful

JStudent Travel Takaful

Jubilee General – Student Travel Takaful

Cover your student travel abroad with our differentiated Student Travel Takaful. Our well-rounded International Student Policy is Schengen compliant & safeguard your trip for up to 365 days round the year and includes protection for Medical and Accidental expenses, Emergency Assistance and Transportation, Loss of Passport & baggage, value added optional coverage of Tuition fee in case of any misfortune.
Our 24/7 travel assistance services is entrusted to Specialty Assist for fast professional help. The coverage is also extended for personal affects i.e., accidental death, disability plus any exceptional expenses such as repatriation and medical transport. So you are covered for anything unexpected that might happen.
Jubilee General Student Travel Takaful offers range of solutions to benefit your specific needs. All you have to do is choose a plan that suits you. You have option to choose our Student Travel Takaful for

  • 6 months (180 days) or 12 months (365 days)
  • Optional Coverage of TUITION FEE
    Why Student Travel Takaful?
    • You are exposed to unfamiliar environment during your study abroad.
    • You are exposed to risk specific to travel which can be more vulnerable if not addressed immediately.
    • Sickness and emergencies can be more serious and costly.
    • You need protection from unforeseen incident.
      • Medical Expenses for Accident / Sickness, covers hospitalisation expenses for accident or illness abroad
      • Personal Accident (Accidental Death & Permanent Disability)
      • Tuition Assurance
      • Travel & stay over of one immediate Family member
      • Medical Evacuation
      • Death Repatriation
      • Baggage & Passport Loss & Delay
      • Specialty Assist 24-Hour Assistance
      • Tuition Assurance